I opened my windows this morning To catch a glimpse of the early morning sun I looked toward the skies It would surely rain soon, I said to myself The clouds were greyish and I certainly could hear the sound of thunder The raindrops came slowly at first and then faster rushing like a stream… Continue reading RAIN

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Chit Chat (1)

How do you choose your friends?  My very close friend (before the BFF tags) became one year Older yesterday.  It got me thinking about our friendship, and how far we have come from those days we sat together and talked about love, Men, Marriage and kids. Looking back now I can't say we planned this… Continue reading Chit Chat (1)

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You were once here

I  am scrolling through my phone I am looking for  your messages To get the feeling of what it was to be close to you. I yearn for that intimacy again. The time we spent laughing and sharing jokes. It was easy talking to you. Nothing was off limits. I I'm not sure why it… Continue reading You were once here