Salawaku’s Cross 2.

"Ogo have you been listening to me?" Ifeyinwa asked I said I think Dafe is cheating on me. There is this new girl in his office, the last time we were together she kept texting him". Ifeyinwa was Ogo's colleague and they both worked in the Advertising firm. Ogo stood up and walked to the... Continue Reading →


Salawaku’s cross

Salawaku woke up screaming out loud.  She looked around the room, there was no one there. Getting out of bed she went to the door and gently opened it, she crept quietly first removing her slippers so she would not make any noise. The house was quiet not a single sound,  she heaved a sigh... Continue Reading →

My Shrine.

Isi My love, my wife, my rib Today marks one month Since you have been gone I look at your pictures I remember all our conversations Loving you made me a better man Knowing you was bliss I could not have asked for a better woman Love makes you strong Love is you loving me... Continue Reading →

Good bye

I sit and stare at your face Your picture beaming at me I can never forget your smile And your pretty face. Our love was one like never before Your grace and poise Every time you came you lit up my world I love you and I miss you Words cannot express how I feel... Continue Reading →

The Cove (3)

The Shop Attendant shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Looking out the windows,  her mind drifted far as she looked  sighing silently she looked at the girl and took her hands. "I was one of the prince's Mistresses, I attended of one the Prince's feasts. It was grand nothing like I had ever seen music and... Continue Reading →

The Cove (2)

The Prince was in a surly mood, and had been for a while now. The army had recorded defeat at Virtue, 20, 000 soldiers had lost their lives, and the remaining 5000 soldiers were badly injured. The Prince was worried this was not a good sign at all in fact how could he have lost... Continue Reading →

Waiting for you.

I stand and stare looking out the windows. When it rains, and as the raindrops fall outside my windows,  I gaze into the air looking to catch a glimpse of you. When the sun comes out I often believe you are there somewhere above the sun's rays. Timeless and ageless, they call you Beauty, majestic... Continue Reading →


The Cove She  came out of nowhere and no one could exactly say when or why she was there. All they knew was that she had shown up at the town one afternoon she was tall and slender she looked to be in her middle thirties but she looked older, she had worn a grey... Continue Reading →

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