A year older

When it was my 25th birthday I was excited.  I could not contain the joy that somehow getting older would bring. I am not sure how I came to the conclusion then that becoming older was the elixir or fountain of knowledge of life. As I hit 26 and 27 the anticipation was building. Another... Continue Reading →


. Reflections

I have come full circle. Not the girl I once was. I am a woman now and it's not just the breasts. It is me slowly coming out of my shell and embracing who I am. My fondest memories take me back to a time when waring a blue stripped dress was all I needed.... Continue Reading →

Musings 5

It's okay sometimes to cry. While tears nay not bring back what's lost or heal what's broken it releases emotions bottled up for so long. It's okay to hurt. We are not always strong. Sometimes we are weak and helpless. We can cry out and release our pain. Sometimes we have passed our breaking point. ... Continue Reading →


I have been expecting your presence Hoping you would come. It's the way you smile and the way it's sincere. In that moment of despair And a bit of fear. I reached out to you and your words Were calming like balm to soothe a sore. You said hope have faith Even though I am... Continue Reading →

All I Desire

I want to love just you To always dwell in your presence. Free from fear, without shame I long to love you To feel your arms wrapped around me That when the tide comes I can feel you near That in my moments of despair I know you are close I want my heart to... Continue Reading →


Really I must look hungry Like I can't afford a meal No be only dinner ma Men are such Cods Who believe women are all the same To fawn over them Do I look hungry? Like perhaps I can't afford a meal? Sorry Mr Whoever you are Dinner is not my problem I can buy... Continue Reading →

16th January 2012

My heart is in a fix again Holding onto one it loves Whose love cannot be expressed As my heart paces and is troubled It shows on my face even though I wear A smile I hurt deep inside With an ache two years gone by And still I am at a standstill When will... Continue Reading →


She walked slowly looking to her left.  Hugging her clothes about her. She was tired but she knew she had to keep pushing. The crowd glanced at her as she came closer. She could hear them whispering, saw someone glance at her. Muffled words. Still she made her way to him. This man who healed... Continue Reading →


Why do we die? I get the whole being born part but why do we need to die? If we had been able to live for thousands of years how would we be? If there wasn't diseases, complications with old age we would all be regular party poppers. When people die what happens to them?... Continue Reading →


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