Conversations with the heart

I am not as strong as I would like to be I want to be free of you. I don't want to lie awake at night Thinking about you. I should have listened you know You said it all with that confident smile The one that comes from years of experience. You understand this well... Continue Reading →


A heart of gratitude

God is faithful and kind.  It's not a cliché or a statement to make a person feel good. It is an experience of what his mercies are.   The month of July is very important to my family. It is not just the month my dad was born this year it is a reminder of how... Continue Reading →

Chit Chat

The Internet is one of the most amazing inventions of man. (It's also one of the most important). I did not live in an era where planes could not fly so permit me to speak of the Internet in this manner. I mean without it I would not have this page or even view the... Continue Reading →


One of the things I do not often do is dwell in the past. The reasons are simple you can't change or fix what has happened. We don't have that time travel App yet. As an aside if we did what would you change? My past is filled with pleasant and unpleasant memories. There are... Continue Reading →


It is  unmerited favour Not deserving of anything You could call it a pardon Debt repaid in full All that is owed is written of Such was the love of a father So much that he gave his all Just so that his beloved would live free It's freedom not as people think it It... Continue Reading →

For Poppa D

My earliest memories of you is sitting on your lap and wondering what that was on your face. I would later know that it was a beard and moustache. As I grew older it was your voice.  Stern loud, and commanding.  When you spoke it was enough to get us all in line. You would... Continue Reading →

You were once here

I  am scrolling through my phone I am looking for  your messages To get the feeling of what it was to be close to you. I yearn for that intimacy again. The time we spent laughing and sharing jokes. It was easy talking to you. Nothing was off limits. I I'm not sure why it... Continue Reading →


I may not have the prettiest face And the curves to go with it. I may not be a size zero Nor have the pear shape No tiny waist and wide hips The ones we see on the covers of magazines Still even with my wobbly bits I am happy. I have learnt my dress... Continue Reading →

A year older

When it was my 25th birthday I was excited.  I could not contain the joy that somehow getting older would bring. I am not sure how I came to the conclusion then that becoming older was the elixir or fountain of knowledge of life. As I hit 26 and 27 the anticipation was building. Another... Continue Reading →

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