Someday this tears will no longer flow And the throbbing pain will not be felt It can be hard when it seems as if there is nothing The emptiness and the fear of what lies ahead An uncertain journey into the deep Abyss The place where nothing is certain Who is to say what path… Continue reading IF….


Conversations with the heart

Full Woman Full Spirit's Memoirs

I am not as strong as I would like to be
I want to be free of you.
I don’t want to lie awake at night
Thinking about you.
I should have listened you know

You said it all with that confident smile
The one that comes from years of experience.
You understand this well you are the artist. Painting the blank canvass you knew…

I was the one who was blind, who underestimated the force of what was coming. And so for a minute I was unprepared.

Like a hurricane you came sweeping me off my feet, leaving me with no option but to be dazzled.

You pulled away every wall of defence,
You broke down the gates of my heart.
And walked right in leaving me without any defence.

I stood naked, stripped bare before you
And you knew. You urged me to let go
To cast all…

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Full Woman Full Spirit's Memoirs


She was walking down the street when she first saw him he stood at the other side of the road talking to another guy. She looked at him and noticed his eyes, and in that exact moment he looked up and saw her, he could not hear his friend calling out to him as his eyes were transfixed on her. There was something about her that drew him, in that moment and despite the fact that they were strangers he felt a closeness to her like he had known her forever, and in that moment she was his forever….

The thing is from a very young age we learn what love means or at least the kind that causes you to have butterflies in your stomach, and thoughts that someday some one will come along and sweep you off your feet and get your insides all mushy mushy.

Then one…

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