About an Intern…

The other day while randomly flicking through the TV Channels, I stumbled an advert for a movie that was going to be shown the next day. I immediately set a reminder for the movie so I would not miss it the next day.

When the movie started all I possibly could think about was my own poppa D(my dad) who would be seventy nine in July this year(79 yep yep Poppa is that old) and an ever advancing technological world.

People who were born in the 30s and 40s come from a whole different generation. What they experienced and what life was about is very different from the world we currently are in. The movie opens with Robert De Niro as Ben Whitaker who records a video and sends it to a company as part of his application process for the role of an intern( hes 70!!).

Ben applies to a fast growing fashion commerce company and eventually gets picked and is assigned to work as an intern for the founder of the Company Jules Ostin played by Anne Hathaway. His colleagues are a bit surprised Ben wears a suit( rather than smart casual) but Ben insists that he is very comfortable with his outfits and says he will stand out(when my dad was still working before he retired he always wore suits, he had this bag where all his office stuff was kept in). I liked Ben’s dressing by the way and his briefcase was cool.

The differences between Ben’s generation and that of his colleagues becomes very obvious. He speaks his mind is brutally honest, is very polite and soon becomes liked by everyone in the office. He has that experience that comes from being 70 years old and he definitely doesn’t sugarcoat his words.( he says it exactly as it is)

It is his relationship with his boss (Jules) that becomes the defining moments in the film. At first Jules reassigns him feeling that he is a bit observant. She later goes to get him back and realizes there is something about him (a sort of calmness that seems refreshing to her and is somewhat good vibes ish). Ben has loads of experience and his insight helps the company determine crucial consumer areas they should be focusing their advertising on. (Ben worked as a marketer before retiring).

In the end Ben takes in one of his intern colleagues into his home, starts a relationship with the office Masseur Fiona played by Rene Russo, helps Jules in deciding what she should do as regards her marriage and her Company.

I loved this movie particularly because I believe that older people need all the love, care attention and warmth they can get. And that sometimes getting older is not necessarily less hip or cool( it is just a stage in the life of every one). There is also the message that sometimes strangers, colleagues, and people we may not want in our private spaces may become the very strength and shoulder we need to lean on.

As the line from the movie says “Experience never gets old”



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