2017-09-21 11.34.49

I unfortunately (and this is a bad thing sha) do not read motivational books, all that proceed to succeed to persist is not for me (I am in no way making light of it though).

I always say I am jinxed that the minute I commit my plans to paper it all just goes wrong, so I just take one step at a time and I somewhat just live. I marvel at people who have their lives figured out like my best pal Amapupa, she is the exact opposite of myself in that regard. I am still here attempting to figure out what exactly I am supposed to be doing with my life.

Don’t get it wrong though I am not an ‘’omonozozo” I had a steady job until September last year when I walked away from my job feeling very fly and sure that getting another job, would be a walk in the park( how wrong I was!).

The thing is I was retained after NYSC and so it was just easy for me. I didn’t need to go for interviews, review my CV and answer that never ending question of “ tell us about yourself” (???). I was shielded, sheltered and got comfortable with just going to work even when I was not happy inside.

Then reality came and I discovered that I had to up my game read up on the Companies I applied to (the internet is a blessing), and be prepared to answer questions. I realized that my experience in taking clients’ questions, reassuring them and sending them mails in my previous place of employment suddenly, counted as actual work experience in relation to customer service.

That having to review documents and have my work criticized by my former boss is actually no different from sending my written pieces and having them criticized by random strangers.

The amazing thing is that sometimes we grumble about certain roles, about having to be the one to talk to XYZ, sending the office meeting reminder email to your colleagues. You need to quit grumbling because there would be emails, proposals, letters, or pitches that you would have to send to either a potential client or your new boss.

This was supposed to be a post on something totally different, I deviated and maybe this is what I should be writing about. There isn’t a moral of the post or an epiphany nothing deep here just random observations as my journey in this life continues.

Hey: ‘’omonozozo’’ is a Bini word for a person who is just moving aimlessly in life without any purpose or direction and focus…


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