We are all Patriots

Disclaimer: This is a rant post

Living in Nigeria is HARD, (Seriously hard) if you do not belong to the category of person’s who have enriched themselves from the coffers of state resources. This list excludes people, whose wealth is of course through hard work and sheer determination to succeed. Nigeria is a tough place to live and work in. It is therefore very patronizing when folks attempt to label people who criticize the government ( Isn’t this a democracy anymore free speech anyone?).

Nigeria became an independent nation after years of British Colonial rule in 1960. The joy that must have been in the air that day was probably the best feeling anyone born at the time could have experienced. From a civil war that we refuse (by we i mean the leadership not just the present leadership) to have an honest open conversation about to twenty nine years or so of military rule.

The joy that greeted the return to civilian rule and the will of the people can never be over emphasized. However the nation has sadly not seen much in terms of infrastructural development, as corruption, nepotism, are rife despite successive administrations attempts to effectively fight same. The rate of unemployment among the working class is high as well with companies downsizing and laying off workers. The average Nigerian has faith and hopes that things would indeed improve. The average Nigerian works hard to send the kids to school, pay for their medical bills. It is therefore wrong for anyone to attack people or question their patriotism simply because they demand that their government do better. It is their right to hold their government accountable after all that is what democracy is all about. You cannot question my Patriotism, it is not yours to question. I have a right to hold my government accountable as is done in the developed nations we always like to measure our standards by and one our politicians love to flock to.

Anyone who decides to stay in Nigeria rather than relocate is patriotic and deserves more!


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