Musings 5 (Beauty does it)

The concept of beauty is one that has diverse meanings. There isn’t a universal standard for determining this so hence the popular saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

How do you determine what should be called beautiful? is it physical attributes or is it character?. I find myself asking these questions daily, because in some cases beauty is attributed to a person’s weight, shape, height, or even race.

It does not help that magazines, movies, seem to promote the idea that being a certain shape, or having a certain figure makes one beautiful. How many times have we seen women who are plus size on magazine covers?  or even women without professional make up done, hair all tidied up?  are we saying the only time we are beautiful is when we are dolled up and have the perfect eyebrow and lipstick on?

I personally am not against dressing up or wearing a lipstick. I just wonder whether sometimes it does not project the message that without it we are not beautiful or pretty enough to grace the cover of a magazine.   There are situations in which some people go through extreme measures because they want to fit into an ideal standard of what to them is beautiful.   The irony of it all is that being human itself has no perfection, some of us will have the hourglass figure and some of us will be round shaped with a big tummy and others slender.

What should be promoted is recognizing that we are all made differently in shapes and sizes and we should be comfortable with our looks.   There shouldn’t be pressure or a feeling of insecurity that leads a person to take drastic steps that can cause them serious damage all because they want to fit into a “delusion of an ideal beauty”. There is no such thing you determine for yourself what is beautiful to you, and when you do own it, celebrate it and know that you are beautiful every part of you.

God made me beautiful and so I am beautiful, every part of me is a refection of his beauty”


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