A heart of gratitude

God is faithful and kind.  It’s not a cliché or a statement to make a person feel good. It is an experience of what his mercies are.   The month of July is very important to my family.

It is not just the month my dad was born this year it is a reminder of how much grace and favour God has chosen to bestow on us.

My dad has always had various health challenges for the past 12 or so years. I recall him having a partial Stroke some years ago it was not an experience I actually like to recall.  This is coupled with the fact that my mum died from a long term illness. So for me I get paranoid when my dad is ill.

In April my dad fell ill again from random tests to having to have a surgery on his spine.  He spent about a month and two weeks in hospital. There were days he was down in his spirit. (My dad has always been an active person having to lie down for long periods because he was unable to walk wasn’t funny at all).  In that time I learnt that God would be God and have his way. That trusting him is easy to say but harder when circumstances stare at you.  When medical reports tell you otherwise. For a moment I was less hard on the children of Israel. And why they never could trust God, why they kept going back to their old ways. It takes a lot of strength(that comes from God to hold on when everything else is failing). 

I can’t even talk about the emotional stress and the fact that we had to be at the hospital daily. It was a trying time for my family. Having my mother’s siblings come around and even assist us financially was a bit too much for me  I was overwhelmed.

There were days I doubted I couldn’t be like the centurion in the bible.  My faith wasn’t strong in some days other days I like Abraham hoped against all hope.

It has been four months now and my dad’s recovery has been slowly getting there. There are milestones which I celebrate and I am greatful for.

The prayers,  love and support of my church I can’t even explain it.  Having people pray standing in the gap for you is something that I don’t take for granted.  There is power when Christians come together in agreement to ask for God’s mercies and stand on his name.

My dad’s birthday is in a few weeks time and I am counting down. I do not take for granted God’s grace knowing I did not do anything to have it. He choose to do what he can and has done. Like Nathaniel Bassey sings in his song

“I have no other God but you.
You have done what no man has done
  You will do what no man can do. ”

God has us in the palm of his hand. What we need to do is trust him even when it seems as though it’s impossible. 


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