Chit Chat

The Internet is one of the most amazing inventions of man. (It’s also one of the most important). I did not live in an era where planes could not fly so permit me to speak of the Internet in this manner.

I mean without it I would not have this page or even view the pages of others. And marvel at the creative genius that resides in the hearts of humans.  I can sit at my office desk and just buy a nice dress or shoe without having to go through the stress of physically going to a shop and trying items out.

The Internet has become a place where everything exists: friendships, relationships, discussions, politics etc. 

I joined Facebook a long time ago. But I was never as active as 2015/2016. That was the election year and for the first time everyone was out. Opinions were traded arguments people loosing friends over candidates.  It was a really rough era. (May we never experience that again)

Then my political activism came to the forefront. I was in different groups arguing and sometimes being verbally abusive.   It even got worse when I added a new  friend on Facebook.  He is a blogger so his page was literally on fire. I and others quickly formed the group on the other side.  The opposition or (PDP) as we were always referred to. Any news item and then the arguments will flow. It was brutal and sometimes very ugly. Slowly I was becoming addicted to this thing. When I ran out of data and the wifi at home was turned off. It was as if I was physically ill. (I kid you not)

Sometimes I would literally wake up just to read comments and add mine. I had to have the last word,  and be right all the time.

So I decided that it was time to stay away. And spend time on my personal physical relationship with people I have known.

If social media is taking its toll on you you can limit the number of hours you spend online.  Or better still like me take time off and reflect on all you have posted and decide if you really want to continue. 

I don’t know if I  would eventually delete my  Facebook account, however this time off has helped me really focus on other things that I had been neglecting.

It’s a breath of fresh air though to not have to talk about political issues and get worked up over nothing. 


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