One of the things I do not often do is dwell in the past. The reasons are simple you can’t change or fix what has happened. We don’t have that time travel App yet. As an aside if we did what would you change?

My past is filled with pleasant and unpleasant memories. There are events I would never want to remember ever again.

Today at work as I sat on my desk a thought flashed into my head, I was taken to the time I was in the University. I may have been in my first or second year I am not sure now. And I recall being told by Osi That some guy liked me. I was like what? And then he wasn’t physically what I admired at the time. He was good looking, he just wasn’t tall.
So Osi acted like the go between and I started talking to Ernie. We would hang after class and just basically chat and all of that. Somewhere along the line Ernie made it clear that he really liked me.  And on my birthday he came to my house and he played a song he had written for me.  Somehow we just didn’t remain friends. It may have had to do with the fact that he had to repeat a class and that meant we were no longer classmates.

If I could go back in time I would definitely have known that repeating a class wasn’t something that a person should be embarrassed about.  I would have known better…..

Sometimes when we are younger we do all kinds of silly things.  In friendships we let even little issues come between friendships.  While no one is perfect we can strive to be better.

Ernie’s song.

“Peysoso you are a gift of life.”

I am that is certain I am……


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