It is  unmerited favour
Not deserving of anything

You could call it a pardon
Debt repaid in full
All that is owed is written of

Such was the love of a father
So much that he gave his all
Just so that his beloved would live free
It’s freedom not as people think it
It is freedom that comes with responsibility

A man pardoned does not go back to that which he has been freed from
Neither does he live in fear daily
Hiding away lest the master comes

He takes what has been handed him
And lives a life free of guilt, and shame

He’s a new man reborn.
As though he stepped into an ocean
And like fresh mud on his clothes and skin, the ocean slowly washes away the mud.
He comes out unscathed.

If he indeed is a new man
Does he go back to the clothes stained with mud?



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