You were once here

I  am scrolling through my phone
I am looking for  your messages
To get the feeling of what it was to be close to you.

I yearn for that intimacy again.
The time we spent laughing and sharing jokes.
It was easy talking to you.
Nothing was off limits.

I I’m not sure why it all ended
I I’m sure I checked your display picture
Many times in a day.

Its as if there is this obstacle between us, a wide deep chasm  seperating us.
I miss our conversations.
I dont miss the other things that pierced my   soul.

I miss talking for long hours
Without a care in the world
I had a dream again last night
Only this time I cant tell you.

Its the silly chasm again or maybe not maybe we are just what we are.
What are we?
I have no idea.

N.B. For  J.C.  the  dark guy who also called me bons bons


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