For Poppa D

My earliest memories of you is sitting on your lap and wondering what that was on your face.

I would later know that it was a beard and moustache.

As I grew older it was your voice.  Stern loud, and commanding. 
When you spoke it was enough to get us all in line.

You would make us sit on the “joko”(stool) while you taught us to read.
Even though you did not share our faith at the time, you ensured we went to church.

You taught me  to be myself. Have a voice stand for what you believe in.
Fear was never an obstacle.

You would close the doors and lock up the house once it was night.
Waking up at night to make sure we slept well.

When I grew older our relationship changed but still I learnt from you.
We would have discussions and sometimes never agree.

As the years have rolled by you have remained how I remember you. Loving, caring and sacrificing. 

A day cannot be set aside to celebrate you .
Because of you I can fly without wings.


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