. Reflections

I have come full circle.
Not the girl I once was.

I am a woman now and it’s not just the breasts.
It is me slowly coming out of my shell and embracing who I am.

My fondest memories take me back to a time when waring a blue stripped dress was all I needed.
And weaving my hair in plaits took me to “Aunty Philo”.

My childhood is full of memories of love, joy, sadness and fear.
The one who could not sleep in a room all by her self.

Now its a different kind of fear. The dark doesn’t scare me as much only this time the dreams do.

It’s another year one I am thankful to have. 
I am not sure my life has made as much impact as I would have thought.

I am certainly not at the place I thought I would be.
Still I wore a pretty blue dress today.
I had my hair done up in a half bun.
With side twists wrapped up.

The colour of my lipstick was red.
And then came the surprise
A cake. I didn’t expect it,

Yet it lightened up my day.
And then the scripture came to mind
“I press on toward the mark for the price.  Forgetting the things behind me”.

My life has its dark moments
But in spite of the darkness
I press forward.
And smile (even if it’s a half smile)

I am a woman now.
Full woman full spirit………


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