Musings 5

It’s okay sometimes to cry. While tears nay not bring back what’s lost or heal what’s broken it releases emotions bottled up for so long.

It’s okay to hurt. We are not always strong. Sometimes we are weak and helpless. We can cry out and release our pain.

Sometimes we have passed our breaking point.  We have let go of all inhibitions. We strip ourselves bare and open not caring about formalities nor do we pretend all is fine. 

Many times our strength is actual weakness which we have perfected the art of masquerading.  It’s okay to let others know. We can reach to people have their shoulders to cry on, without caring if they use what we say against us in the future. 

Sometimes we don’t have to run or hide. We don’t have to pretend we don’t care when in fact we are dying inside. It’s okay to love people who can never love us the way we should be loved. And then admit in that moment that we are human and our heart has found a wanderer. It’s okay to stop fighting with ourselves and what we feel and admit it and move on. It’s  at these times we reach out and cast our burdens on the one whose love is unfailing and everlasting. 

When those moments of despair come we can reach out to Christ.


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