All I Desire

I want to love just you To always dwell in your presence. Free from fear, without shame I long to love you To feel your arms wrapped around me That when the tide comes I can feel you near That in my moments of despair I know you are close I want my heart to... Continue Reading →



Really I must look hungry Like I can't afford a meal No be only dinner ma Men are such Cods Who believe women are all the same To fawn over them Do I look hungry? Like perhaps I can't afford a meal? Sorry Mr Whoever you are Dinner is not my problem I can buy... Continue Reading →

16th January 2012

My heart is in a fix again Holding onto one it loves Whose love cannot be expressed As my heart paces and is troubled It shows on my face even though I wear A smile I hurt deep inside With an ache two years gone by And still I am at a standstill When will... Continue Reading →


She walked slowly looking to her left.  Hugging her clothes about her. She was tired but she knew she had to keep pushing. The crowd glanced at her as she came closer. She could hear them whispering, saw someone glance at her. Muffled words. Still she made her way to him. This man who healed... Continue Reading →

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