Musings 2

Kechi got home at 11.30pm.She opened the door and walked right into the sitting room her friend and flatmate Bidemi was sitting in the living room a novel on her belly. When she saw Kechi she stood up "welcome she said" Kechi walked towards her and said "thanks why are you still awake? "  Bidemi... Continue Reading →



I was added to a female group on Facebook by a classmate from Secondary School. While I don't and I haven't made any comment in the group. I have found it interesting.  Women facing real life issues. The kind you read and assume will not happen to you. I am a very private person and... Continue Reading →


Isi today makes it one year since you left me that fateful day. It has been hard Isi living without you has been hard. There have been days I felt I could not make it without you. I longed so much to see you talk to you. And when I did see you in my... Continue Reading →

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