Life’s purpose

A popular song from Hercules has the following lines "  I am on the road to embrace my fears it may take a lifetime but somehow I will see it through. " We are all on a journey some people have figured out their place others don't even know what road they ought to take. … Continue reading Life’s purpose


Of Bridget Jones Ugly Betty and Other tales.

I love television.  Series, reality Tv,  Movies etc. I was introduced to movies by my Poppa D(My Dad) he bought our first video player as well as movies. He used to close from work and go and get us movies from one video shop along Sakponba Road. We had a huge movie collection and my… Continue reading Of Bridget Jones Ugly Betty and Other tales.


Dealing with mental illness

What is mental illness? I am not a medical Doctor or expert so I am not going to be giving expert advice. The most popular case of mental illness in a person was perhaps in the case of the famous Professor Nash. The movie a beautiful mind was based on his life story. I watched… Continue reading Dealing with mental illness