A stranger yet so familiar. I could swear that we have met somewhere. It's funny how you think I am hilarious. I don't see myself as funny. Crazy maybe funny no. It's strange how it all plays out. Some days I just practically shut you out Slowly you come back into my thoughts Even if... Continue Reading →


Ifeyinwa was 14. She was tall and slender.  Her mother owned a shop just a few houses away from their house. Ifeyinwa's dad worked at the General hospital at Sapele Road. He was a foremost Gynaecologist. His working hours and schedule often took him away from his family. Ifeyinwa was in SS1 at the time. ... Continue Reading →

Movie Review War Room

Having watched "fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Courageous". I had huge expectations from the Kendrick Brothers. I must confess that I was not aware of this movie. I had of course heard about the movie from friends but seeing that I hardly watch movies this days I just hadn't seen this movie. So imagine my... Continue Reading →


Detective Ismaila Was awakened by the phone call. He looked at the caller Id and picked it up the voice of Eghosa imade the Public Relations Officer of the Edo State Command was unmistakably clear. " Detective Ismaila don't tell me I woke you up" " considering the fact that it is 3. Am yes... Continue Reading →

Mrs Miss Ms. What’s in a title?

I am not even sure how to start this article.  However I will just write and hope it makes a lot of sense.  We love titles as human beings and we love a prefix or something to add to our names.  "Barrister" " Doctor" etc are some of the common titles humans crave. It gives... Continue Reading →

For Agatu

The cries are heard from afar The  screams of mothers and Children The children wail and cry They came at night while they slept They took their weapons and cut across Metal against flesh and they fell They were powerless against them defenceless They left the bodies by the side of the community There was... Continue Reading →


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