A street called hope

Have you ever felt like you had lost everything and had nothing?  Have you ever felt despair and pain? The kind that medicine cannot heal? The truth is there are good and bad days. I have had days I felt suicide was the best option.  Life was meaningless and empty.  I had nothing. My friends... Continue Reading →


Tides, Ride or die Chic

There is this song that has the following lyrics "the tide is high but I am holding on I am going to be your number 1." I am not sure who the original Artiste. There are different versions of that song. The concept is simple really, a guy has several girls he fancies and each... Continue Reading →


I spend a lot of my time (not a lot though with kids). I teach kids in church on the days I am not too lazy to wake up from my bed. There is a word for it "slothfulness." I watch the kids and I am lost in them. They drive me nuts with all... Continue Reading →

il mio zucherro bambino

My love you are the only one I want. My heart is filled with so much peace. I have met many men who have taken my heart and toyed with it Meeting you was predestined From the minute we met I have had eyes only for you. As the day breaks so is my love... Continue Reading →

For my lover

My heart is filled with so much joy, and it's because of you. My heart paces for you. You are all I ever wanted. You are my world my "safe haven" I long to love you forever to one day make you mine. I would fight a thousand others just to have you alone. You... Continue Reading →

The Journey

I wake up and rush to my phone. My heart beats faster anticipating your message. It comes with the cursory "morning" and suddenly I am "well " again. I get to my desk and start working a few minutes and my mind lingers away. I tell myself hey its just friendship this is normal this... Continue Reading →

The kingdom of Boki was agog with festivities, the King's son and heir to the throne Ini had come from Canada where he had just recently completed his Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Ini had left Nigeria over 10 years ago and having stayed away for a long time he knew it was time to come... Continue Reading →


Love the word we all want. Some of us long for it others kill for it. Love that time immemorial feeling. Tales abound of ancient kings who for love sake damned all the consequences. Kings abandoned their thrones defied the dieties. Swarm several oceans just to be with their lover. Their hearts bursting with pride... Continue Reading →


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