The Cove
She  came out of nowhere and no one could exactly say when or why she was there. All they knew was that she had shown up at the town one afternoon she was tall and slender she looked to be in her middle thirties but she looked older, she had worn a grey coloured dress which looked tattered and old the dress itself looked like it had not been washed in months.
Startled by her appearance everyone avoided her wondering who she was and as she walked along the streets people came out to Stare whispering amongst themselves they gazed at her some nodding others shaking their heads in pity for she was such a pitiful sight others basically raised their noses at her some shut the doors of their shops to her wondering who she was she certainly did not belong in this town not with her torn dress and untidiness. She came to a shop and called out to the shop attendant ” Water ” was all she said the shop attendant looked at her and feeling sorry for her she brought a bottle of water for her “here she said you can drink this and why don’t you come inside and sit for a bit you are a stranger around this parts are you not” the shop attendant asked pulling out a chair for the girl. ” thank you” the girl said ” I am indeed thirsty I have walked for days now and I have no money to buy food or water”. ” walked from where?” The shop attendant asked looking curiously at the girl ” I walked from Liberty no I ran escaped  and I have to keep running until I reach the Cove”. The girl stood up and walked towards the shop door ” thank you for helping me but I really must go the kings soldiers seek me and if they find me they will take me back to liberty I cannot go back he held me as his prisoner I cannot ” the girl said shaking with fear. ” The Prince we have heard of him  he dosent come to our town but lies in wait for our citizens to go to liberty and once they get in he keeps them as prisoners, we have gone to liberty and taken our people back but for some it is already too late”. The shop attendant said looking at the girl

she stood up and walked to her holding her hand she said to her ” The cove is far miles away from here you cannot get there today but you can stay the night eat rest and then at the first sight of dawn we will journey together but I will not follow you to the cove I will stop at the fourth junction before the cove”  ” but why will you help me you have your shop no I could not possibly ask you to go with me you have done too much already thank you but I have to go now” the girl said walking to the door. The shop attendant walked to her and held her hand looking at her face she said ” I know what it is for I too was the prince’s prisoner I was young then and had heard about liberty oh the beautiful city with its bright lights and wonderful circus the streets decorated I was glad liberty was beautiful much more than I had ever known or seen so I heard you should go to the princes palace he has the best feasts ever so I went it was beautiful magnificent colourful too” the shop attendant said looking at the girl………  to be continued.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. flo says:

    SOS babes. This is soooooooo cool. Proud of u girl. Keep up the good work.


    1. peysoso says:

      Thanks flo big hugs


  2. Chollom Chuntok Mark says:

    Sossi!!! What a wonderful piece there**smiles**. The story line’s beautiful, the suspence, superb. I am tempted to ask u abt d Cove, Liberty, d Prince, n who d “she” is…bt no!
    Kip d suspence moving n we’ll kip reading on to find our. **smiles**.
    However I have some suggestions to make, try to work on ur punctuations (let us know where d derz a Full stop, comma etc.); den b consistent in ur spellings too ( dt is, where u strtd a spelling wt capital letter, continue like dt ol thru dis wonderful piece, e.g. Ur spelling of “liberty” ws @one point began wt capital letter n @anor tym, wt small letter)… **thumbs up**n**hugz**n**smiles**cheers…


    1. peysoso says:

      Thanks chollom I will edit and repost.


  3. Noren says:

    Hmm nice piece, u good, u real good, the suspense is s uperb, but pls let it not be like Nigerian films with two many parts .


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