Random Musings: TGIF

  It has been a stressful week,  a month that has seen the Harmattan do so many flip-flops that  it has become a tad bit confusing.  It is also payday, don't spend all your money on having a good time and not putting some of it away in some form of savings. What are you... Continue Reading →

What’s on your playlist??

  Photo FullwomanFullspiritMemoirs Hello, it is still January and how is January coming along?. Are you still sticking to your goals/resolutions? . How is work coming along? , your personal life and how have you been taking things?. Take it one day at a time, no pressure, remember they are just goals, or guides that... Continue Reading →

Ditch The Resolutions This Year

Full Woman Full Spirit's Memoirs

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If you have ever read my end of year/New year posts, you would know that I don’t do “new year resolutions”. The reasons I have discussed  in this post,Full Woman’s Guide to a “Greener” ($) (N) 2019.

I am not saying if it has worked for you that you should abandon it oh. It has never worked for me and I know there are some people who are also on this table too. I don’t know but whenever I make resolutions written, or unwritten they never fall into place. It could also be because I am also guilty of procrastinating which is a huge issue that hopefully I am dealing with. Maybe one of those “how I beat procrastination” posts may soon be featured here. (Not me though, I am still in the recovery process.) If you have any tips or you…

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Why Miss Universe’s win is a win for black women around the world

    Hey friends, How is December coming along?. Miss Universe Zonzibini Tunzi was recently crowned with the title. I write about it here and share why this win is important for African/Black women and the natural hair community. Follow the link here, share like and leave comments http://opr.news/s540aaab9191210en_ng Thank you. A new post will... Continue Reading →

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